As a photographer I have made a long 15-year way to my professionalism I have now. Hundreds of shoots all around the World helped me to develop my abilities:
I have been doing professional photography more than 15 years and got great experience in any kind of photography: studio, interior, outdoor. I am familiar with any kind of photographer equipment and know how to use it for 100%.
Hundreds of photoshoots I have made in my career expanded my creativity to the highest lever. I always have a lot of ideas and if you give me your view to kind of photoshoot you need I will find ideas you would like!
Work, work and work! This is my principle of every photoshoot. To use every minute, every possibility, every chance to create pictures my client needs. Those hundreds of shoots really hardened me and made me highly efficient.
I have Experience, Creativity and Efficiency. Three abilities every photographer should have to make amazing pictures. And I have them.
I have been doing studio and outdoor photography for 15 years.
And those years brought me two directions of photography. On the one hand I am a practicing photographer knowing exactly what the client needs and knowing exactly how to achieve it. I can do photography that could attract the attention of people. Photography that could evoke surprices. Photography that could meet all objectives the cient has.
On the other hand I teach studio photography. I host workshops and classes in New York and other cities and have thousands of photographers who attended them. And became professional photographers. And I am proud for them and for my effords to help them to do that.
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