How to use real flowers in studio photography

August 25, 2015   4379 views

Reflector Honeycomb Grid Color Gel Fashion

I will not tell again about so wonderful things we have in the studio. About reflectors! I will tell you about reflectors with honeycomb grid.

I do not get tired of repeating one simple thing. If you want to understand, to “feel” light you have to get rid of all softboxes, all umbrellas and other soft sources of light and keep only reflectors. Just for a week. It is enough to start to be familiar with light.

But better than reflector are reflectors with honeycomb grids. I wrote that honeycomb grids help us to create small spots of light with harsh edges. And among many functions the main is to help us to choose lit and unlit parts of picture very accurate.

In creation of this picture (I chose as an example after a lot of questions from my readers) I used 5 reflectors with 5 honeycomb grids (one honeycomb grid for every reflector). And to understand better this lighting setup I made 5 pictures illustrating lighting spots of every of them.

The model stays exactly close to background touching it with her body.

The first two reflectors (with honeycomb grid, of course) I put on each sides of the model and directed on opposite side of her body, trying not to touch background with light on the lighting source’s side. But at the same time trying to create lighting spot on the opposite site with shadow of her arm. I covered these two sources with gels of violet color.

Reflector Honeycomb Grid Gel   Reflector Honeycomb Grid Gel

The next two lighting sources I put on mini stand. Without any gels. Their purpose is to light on her legs. These sources are located very close to the background and I tried not to have any light from them on the background. Only on her legs. Honeycomb grids help us to do it without any problems.

Reflector Honeycomb Grid Gel   Oleg Ti Reflector Honeycomb Grid Gel

And the fifth source. Without any gels (but again with honeycomb grids) this source helps me to put lighting spot on model’s face and chest.

Reflector Honeycomb Grid Gel

That’s it. Honeycomb grids helped me to focus light on necessary areas and create such interesting picture. By the way, these are real flowers and we attached them with glue directly to model’s body.

Good Luck!