Availability: 9 open seats out of 10

The theme of this photography workshop is the creation of spectacular fashion photography. It is important to understand how great opportunities present different shooting techniques.

Studio fashion photography workshop New York
First the concept of building a lighting setup for full body pictures will be demonstrated using hard light sources to make it easier and more interesting for understanding. What will be covered: How to distribute the light above the model, How to separate the light between the model and the background, How to properly set the fill light, How background light affects the depth and compositional completeness of a picture.
Fashion Studio photography workshop New York
Soft Light. This will demonstrate how to create a photo with only one soft light source while placing black flags around the model to add volume and dramatic style to a picture.
Studio fashion photography workshop in New York
Hard Light. This will demonstrate how to create a photo using a super hard light source to reproduce light similar to sunlight.
Studio photography workshop of Oleg Ti in New York
Colored Light. This will demonstrate how to experiment with filters and how to create a toned picture using colored gels both on fill and background lighting sources.
Fashion photography workshop of Oleg Ti in New York
Stenciled/Masked Light. This will demonstrate using masks that allow us to create unusual lighting solutions: to create different lighting effects, to highlight different parts of a model and to get smooth gradients.
Studio photography workshop of Oleg Ti in New York
Finally, shooting with mixed light. This technique will demonstrate how to build and most importantly implement a lighting scheme with this type of light, giving photographers an unusual, and sometimes-unpredictable photographs.
Number of attendees: 10
The hours of workshop: 12:00pm-5:00pm
The address of the portrait workshop:
29-28 41st avenue, #505,
Long Island City, New York, 11101
The workshop will feature professional model.
The model will sign the release so you will be able to use those photos in your portfolio.
Every attendee should bring camera with lens with focal length from 70 to 135 and more.