The theme of this photography workshop is the creation of a beautiful, spectacular and memorable portrait. It is important to understand how great opportunities present different shooting techniques.

Studio photography portrait workshop of Oleg T in New York
Hard Light
At the befinning of my studio photography workshops I always explain that one of the main principles of making a beautiful portrait is the correct choice of light sources for a particular model. And using hard light is the best way to address this issue with a demonstration of what requirements are to key light, fill light, rim light and background lights.
Studio photography portrait workshop in New York NYC
High Key
The same hard light sources used in the 1st demonstration, but they will be located in such a way to obtain a well-lit, beautiful portrait. A photographer should know that a beatiful high-key portrait doesnt mean dozens of sofrtboxes. All you need just put those reflectors in appropriate positions.
Studio photography portrait workshop photographer
Soft Light
This will demonstrate adding light modifiers to soften the light and reveal the possibilities of shooting a portrait with a small soft box.
Studio photography portrait workshop of Oleg Ti in New York
Supersoft Light
Adding alternate modifiers to present fantastic opportunities when shooting with super soft light. Light reflected from the ceiling and walls of the studio using black flags to create a beautiful volume portrait. This lighting setup seems very simple at the first sight but at my workshops I will explain how to get maximum advantahes from this lighting setup.
Studio photography portrait workshop New York
Mixed light
This technique will demonstrate how to make exotic unusual photos that already resemble the work of the artist, not the result of studio shooting.
Studio photography portrait workshop in New York
Color with Gels
At the final part of the workshop I wii show a portrait using color gels. On the one hand - this is an opportunity to make a soft, tinted photo, and on the other - to create an image with spectacular, striking play of colors.
Here are examples from previous workshop.
Number of attendees: 10
The hours of workshop: 12:00pm-5:00pm
The address of the portrait workshop:
29-28 41st avenue, #505,
Long Island City, New York, 11101
The workshop will feature professional model.
The model will sign the release so you will be able to use those photos in your portfolio.
Every attendee should bring camera with lens with focal length from 70 to 135 and more.