I provide private photography classes in New York and any area in the World. We can choose any type of class, any duration and location.

I have hosted more than 400 photography classes and workshops all around the World.
Around 5000 people have attended my classes.
I know how to teach and I like to teach.
I know everything about studio and outdoor photography. About lighting modifiers, creating lighting setups, working with models, postprocessing images etc etc
And I proudly offer my private one-to-one photography classes totally understanding that I know the theme.
On this page you can find my packages for classes. But they include only my work and my studio. Of course, we need a model and a makeup artist. I have two options: the first, you can bring yours and the second, I can find them for you. From free models from to super professional models from leading agencies of New York. I will give you several contacts to directly discuss their rates.
This photography class is the great opportunity to improve your studio techiques and to refresh your portfolio.
Also I am ready to go to any city in USA and the World. But this needs additional discussing. Please write to me and we will discuss all details.
Ask my rates and all questions to my email: